Friday, January 16, 2009

Backup database on a server using remote desktop connection

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. Type IP address/Name of the server on the dialog box and then click connect.
  3. Log-in as administrator. (ask the administrator for username and password)
  4. Go to Start > Click Run.
  5. Type “cmd” and then click OK.
  6. Type cd\ on the command prompt.
  7. Type the following into the command line
  8. mysqldump -u (username) -p (database name) > (destination folder)\(filename)\.sql;
  9. Then enter the password.
Note: This configuration only applies to Windows Remote.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Microsoft Office Live Meeting Client Installation

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a web conferencing service operated by Microsoft.

  1. Copy the link below into your browser.
  2. Click "Accept Terms and Install Client"
  3. The browser will download the Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 client setup and then install it. If installation doesn't proceed, install it manually.
Enjoy the meeting...

Windows XP Netmeeting (Install and Remove)

Install NetMeeting
Start > Run > type conf.exe in the Open: box and click OK
The NetMeeting installer will open.
Remove NetMeeting
Start > Run > and then copy and paste the following line:
RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\WINDOWS\inf\msnetmtg.inf,NetMtg.Remove

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Encoding PHP file using Zend Guard

Encoding your php file protects your applications from reverse engineering and unauthorized customization by providing encoding and obfuscation.

Required applications:
  • Zend Studio
  • Zend Optimizer
1. Install Zend Studio with its Zend Guard
  • Integrate the location of your zend environment with zend guard installation
2. Install Zend Optimizer

During installation:
  • Select Web server where Zend Optimizer should be installed
  • Choose the folder where your php.ini is located
  • Choose the root folder of your Web Server.
3. Run Zend Guard
4. On the Project menu select add file (if you want to import a single php file) or add folder (if you want to import multiple php files)
5. Select the version of php to be encoded
6. Select the target folder
7. Click Encode!

-Zend Guard supports the following extensions: *.php, *.phtml, *.inc, *.php3, *.php4, and *.php5
-Your encoded files will not be recognized by your browser if Zend Optimizer is not installed on your server.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Registering OCX (VB component) manually

An OCX is an Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) custom control, a special-purpose program that can be created for use by applications running on Microsoft's Windows systems.

  1. Copy and paste the OCX file into your system32 folder.
  2. Go to start
  3. Select run
  4. Type regsvr32 (path of the OCX file)
example: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\richtx32.ocx
  • The DllRegisterServer will prompt you if the registration succeeded.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Remote an Asterisk Server using putty.exe

  1. Copy the link below into your browser to download a free telnet and SSH Client for Windows and Unix platforms.
  3. Run the downloaded Putty file.
  4. Type the Host Name or IP address of the asterisk server in the textbox.
  5. Type 22 as its port.
  6. Select SSH for connection type.
  7. Click Open
  8. You will notice that a window will appear on your screen prompting you to input the username and password. (ask the administrator for the username and password defined in the installation of the asterisk server.
note: different free telnet and SSH Client for Windows and Unix platforms are available in the internet.

Creating macro button in MS Excel

  1. Open a new workbook.
  2. From the Tools menu, choose Customize
  3. Click the Commands tab and then scroll down the left-hand Categories column and select Macros .
  4. You’ll see Custom Button in the Commands box. Click, hold, and drag the custom button onto any toolbar and release.
  5. Right-click the new button and choose Assign Macro.
  6. Choose a macro and click OK. You may now change the button icon by right-clicking the button, choosing Change Button Image, and clicking on another icon.
  7. Close the Customize dialog box.
You may now run your macro by clicking the button you've created. It will be available from all workbooks.

note: Microsoft Excel 2000 version applicable. Instructions for other versions may differ slightly.

Enabling trace flag 4616 in SQL Server

Microsoft DynamicsNAV 5.0 uses Sql Server so you need to set trace flag 4616, otherwise an error will occur when you try to connect a Dynamics 5.0 client to a Sql Server database. Trace flag in Sql Server makes server-level metadata visible to application roles.


  1. There are several ways to enable or disable a trace flag in Sql Server. Maybe the easiest way is to do it in the Sql Server Configuration Manager:
  2. In the Configuration Manager you then go to the properties of the Sql Server service (default is MSSQLSERVER):
  3. In the Advanced tab, select the StartUp parameters and add ;-T4616 at the end and then click on Ok:
  4. Now we have added the trace flag. It will be enabled as soon as we restart the Sql Server service: Restart the service.

Asterisk Server Configuration inside a Virtual Machine for VoIP server

Asterisk is the world’s leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Offering flexibility unheard of in the world of proprietary communications, Asterisk empowers developers and integrators to create advanced communication solutions...for free.


1. PSTN line(s) and device(s)
2. Modem
3. DSL Connection or any internet connection
4. An analog phone
5. Router
6. Dedicated computer unit to act as a server

Infrastructure settings:
1. The modem and PSTN device should be connected directed to your TelCom using fxo port
2. The analog phone should be connected to the PSTN’s fxs port
3. The Router should be connected to the modem
4. The PSTN should also be connected to the router
5. The server should be connected with the router
6. All local computers should be connected through wireless connection

1. Create a Virtual Machine on the solutions server using VMware 1.0.8
2. Define specifications of the machine.
3. Install trixbox (an asterisk-based PBX Phone System) on the virtual machine created using ISO.
4. Configure trixbox
a. Type the IP address of the trixbox on your browser
b. Click “switch” on the top right screen
c. Login as “maint” using the default password (password)
d. Go to PBX Settings
e. Add extensions for locals (eg: 100,200,300,400)
f. Click save
g. Add or import an audio recording on System Recordings named as “Andrew_sample_audio” then click save
h. Add IVR named as “all_in”
  • Set the Announcement option into “Andrew_sample_audio”
  • Set one of the options below the Announcement option into any extension and type “t” as an indicator for timed out then click save
i. Add an Incoming Route named as “any DID / any CID”
  • Set Destination to an IVR named “all_in” then click submit
j. Add a SIP Trunk named as “spa3000” (note that spa300 is the name of the PSTN device I used)
  • Type this script on the Peer Details option’s textbox then click save
k. Add an Outbound Route named as “9_outside” (note that 9_outside can be changed)
  • Type “9|.” Dial Patterns option (note that all out-going calls should be concatenated with “9”+Phone number)
  • Select SIP/spa300 on Trunk Sequence option then click Submit changes
l. To be able to call outside the network, you shoud enable NAT. To do this Goto Config File Editor and select sip_nat.conf and enter the following script.

5. Configure Linksys (PSTN).
Remember to toggle the window into advanced mode.
a. Type the IP address of the PSTN device on your browser
b. Click Admin Login
c. Go to System tab
d. Set Static IP, NetMask, Gateway (IP address of the router) under Internet Connection Type
e. Click Submit all changes
f. Go to Line 1 tab
g. Enable the line and enter SIP Port 5060
h. Enter the IP address of trixbox on Proxy option and set Register option into “yes” under Proxy and Registration option
i. Enter the extension 100 defined on the trixbox configuration on User ID option and its password under Subscriber Information
j. Click Submit all changes
k. Go to PSTN Line
l. Enable the line and set SIP port into 5061
m. Enter the IP address of trixbox on Proxy option under Proxy and Registration option
n. On the Subscriber information enter spa300 on User ID and 1234 on its Password
o. Enter this script into the Dial Plan 2: (S0<:IP Address of trixbox>) ex: (S0<:>)
p. Click Submit all changes
Each computer unit should have a zoiper (see google) installed or any VoIP application and register its extension. Remember that we have defined four extensions on the trixbox server (100,200,300,400). Extension 100 is for the trixbox server. The remaining 3 extensions are reserved for other computer units. The administrator may define additional extension

HTML port forwarding code

1. Open drive C > Inetpub > wwwroot
2. Backup the iistart html file so that in case of error you can restore the original file.
3. Edit the iistart html file with any text editing application (eg: notepad)
4. Replace the code with the following html code and insert this code into meta tag.

...please feel free to ask question or post a comment